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Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XXIII No.2 4 March 1981
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XIX No.2 Issued 28 February 1972
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVIII No. 3 Issued 5 April 1971
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVIII No. 2 Issued 24 February 1971
Annual Report of the Civil Rights League for the year 1970-71 presented at the Annual General Meeting held on 31 Aughst 1971
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVII No. 9 Issued 22 October 1970
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XVII No. 8 Issued 14 September 1970
National register of conscientious objectors
Yesterday, today and tomorrow
Relations with Other Groups Committee report

Report of the subcommittee, Relations with other groups Committee, presented at the 60th Annual Congress of the National Union of South African Students, Durban, 29 Nov-3 Dec 1983. Included in report is the information that the National Union is part of the United Democratic Front.

The Case Against The Defence Further Amendment Bill
Editorial: Conscientious Objection
Conscientious Objection to War
The Peter Moll Case
A Case of Conscientious Objection
Duality in Non-Violence
Why I refuse to serve in the racist SADF
The declaration to end conscription

Pamphlet of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference explaining its call for an end to conscription.

Motion passed at the 43rd Provincial Synod Meeting of the Church of Province of Southern Africa

Journal article about the motion passed at a synod meeting of the Church of the Province of South Africa, that, aware of the number of detentions by the Security Police and noting that some people cannot perform military service with a good conscience and requesting that the Minister of Justice c


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