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The Salisbury talks
Africa's path in history
The multi-racial conference
Pan-Africanism in Accra
Immediate prospect for SACP

Article in Voice of Women , Number 3, 1983, on the immediate prospect for SACP. It discusses the Suppression of Communist Act of 1950, the Freedom Charter, Sharpeville 1966.

Sport: Threat to the security of the state

Brutus expounds on Special Branch interference in sports in line with apartheid ideology of white dominance. Instances of harassment of people and events connected with the South African Sports Association (SASA) are mentioned.

The Conference of the All-African Convention

Draft of an article by I B Tabata, published in the January 1959 issue of Ikhwezi Lomso, about the Conference of the All-African Convention in December 1958.

New unity movement launched!
States's policy of deception

Rejecting any participation in the negotiations meetings of 29 November and of 20-21 December 1991, the New Unity Movement says in its latest statement that the conference has nothing to do with the promotion of the struggle for democracy, except to confuse it and destroy it.

Convention with only one "liberation" movement

On 29-30 November, therefore, an all-party/multi-party meeting was convened to plan for a conference that would bring about negotiations.

Speech of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania at the Euro-Arab Youth Conference (Tripoli-Libya) May 14-19, 1973
'Pietermaritzburg 2000' - a great leap backward!
Natal Conference against relocations, 1985
Community Land Conference: Land Charter
Community Land Conference: Rural people unite around land rights
Now is the time for rural people to speak
Towards real independence: the policies of the All-African Peoples` Conference, Cairo, March 1961
Two messages


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