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Motorvia workers strike blow against exploitation
Overworked freight drivers stop work
Workers` education fund
Bata: "Proud partners in KwaZulu`s progress"
MAWU launches new campaign
VW workers down tools over retrenchments
Demands for metal wage talks

It's that time of the year again and the yearly tussle at the giant metal industry's industrial council is due to begin.

New maternity benefits at Henkel

Women workers at Henkel at Prospecton will be paid as much as 78 percent of their wages during maternity leave as a result of a new agreement negotiated by the Chemical Workers Industrial Union.

Fighting retrenchment

Retrenchment Is cAused by the free market system that places profit before people. But with organisation we can fight retrenchment.

Long bitter struggle at Frame has ended

The longest recognition struggle in South African labour history has come to an end. Nearly 2 000 National Union of Textile Worker members at the giant Frametex mill, the heart of the Frame complex at New Germany near Pinetown, now have the right to be represented by their union.

B amp; S to face union bashing charges
Metal workers call for R90 a week

Metal workers at general meetings held on the Reef and in Durban over the past month have launched a call for a minimum wage of R90 a week.

Union co-operative case: The law is on the bosses' side

Renewed questions have been raised about the role of the courts in relation to worker issues by a judgement affecting workers at the Union Co-operative sugar mill in Natal who were evicted from their hostels after a dispute at the plant last year.

Fosatu is moving to help watchmen

FOSATU is moving to help watchmen and workers in Watch Patrol Services.

No rights for domestic and farm workers
Cosatu's Living Wage Campaign must be built
Deregulation will pave the way to exploitation
Bill to stop workers from legal strike action
Chemical workers in 3 week strike for a living wage
Privatisation: Botha listens to the bosses


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