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Staffrider Vol.5 No.1 1982
Staffrider Vol.4 No.4 Mar 1982
Staffrider Vol.4 No.3 Nov 1981
Staffrider Vol.4 No.2 Jul-Aug 1981
Staffrider Vol.4 No.1 Apr-May 1981
Staffrider Vol.3 No.4 Dec-Jan 1980
Staffrider Vol.3 No.3 Sep-Oct 1980
Staffrider Vol.3 No.2 Jun 1980
Staffrider Vol.10 No.2 1992

Staffrider magazine (1978-1993), took its name and identity from township slang for black youth who rode the overcrowded, racially segregated commuter trains by sitting on the roof or hanging onto the outside.

Khuma's pride and joy

When Mary Agnes Khunwana won the Community Builder of the Year Award In November last year, it was a dream come true. Bobby Rodwell spoke to her

Throwing light on our lives
"We work for the community" say women from Phoenix
National Conference, 1983: resolutions adopted

This is the pamphlet containing resolutions of the National Conference held in 1983 of the South African Council of Churches.

Discussion between Mr R F Botha, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Dr Belli-Bello: Cape Town, 15 May 1986

Meeting to discuss the relationship of South Africa with Angola, the importance of developing mutual trust and the importance of peace in the region.

Black Community Programmes Limited: 1976 Report

Annual Report of the Black Community Programmes

Second Report on Black Community Programmes and Zimele Trust Fund

This is an unofficial report on Black Community Programmes and Zimele Trust Fund written without the authority of the two organisations, in order to keep friends overseas in touch.

Black Community Programmes: Year report 1972

The goals of the Black community programmes are to help the Black community become aware of its own identity, to help the Black community create a sense of its own power; to enable the Black community to organise itself, to analyse its own needs and problems and to revitalise its resources to mee

Report on Seminar on Community Development (Involvement)

The report on the seminar includes an essay on "Some aspects of community development" and "Paolo Freire's ideas concerning education"

The Urban Foundation: Another Perspective


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