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UDW - List of awaited Department Reports
ANC KZN PEC bulletin Nov 2001
Indaba - Constitutional proposals
Why Management Committees should be totally rejected

Statement on why Management Committees should be totally rejected, Management committees are footless as government created bodies who have the final say in vital issues.

Report of the Resolutions Committee

Report on an African National Congress seminar to discuss Constitutional guidelines from the National Executive Committee.

Proposals to restructure the National Working of the NEC for its effective functioning

Draft proposals to restructure the National Working Committee of the National Executive Committee for its effective functioning.

Participation on the National Manpower Commission (NMC) and similar organisations
Are works committees in other countries effective?
Central committee meeting of Inkatha - 24-25 February 1984: Resolutions
Biography of Hlabeng Sam Matlole

Biography of Hlabeng Sam Matlole. Hlabeng Sam Matlole was born in 16 June 1924 in Zone 7 Sebokeng. He was a member of VCA Zone 7 area committee treasure and he was detained on 12 February 1985 fetched at Lebowa at his parents home.

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