Colony of Natal

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Enterprise and Exploitation in a Victorian Colony: Aspects of the Economic and Social History of Colonial Natal

This pioneer economic and social history brings together specialized research in the form of twelve essays dealing with closely intermeshed themes: harbour and railway development, the ecology of Natal, ruthless exploitation of its human and natural resources, and the consequences of Indian immig

Indians disembarking

The arrival and settlement of Indentured Indians in Natal inevitably paved way for 'free' ... When he attempted to disembark at the Point, together ...

Beginings of the Natal Railways NGR Head Office Staff Durban 1885

The Natal Government Railways (NGR) was formed in January 1877 in the Colony of Natal. ... The NGR offered both passenger and freight service and also delivered letters and packages for the post office. The NGR operated ...

MARTIN WEST. First Lt Governor of Natal

First Lieutenant-Governor and the first civilian administrator of the Colony of Natal

Letters to the Natal Emigration Office

Letters to the Natal Emigration Office in April, October and June 1889

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