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Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to The New Nation editor

I found this letter in Panaf Great lives and thought it will be timely to publish it so that the present is understood with the past. I hope you will find the space to publish it.

Cricket and Colonialism: From Swami and Friends to Lagaan
Africa Fund: More than Economic

Africa Fund: More than Economic

The Long View, Contact vol 1, No.24
Passengers, Partnerships, and Promissory Notes: Gujarati Traders in Colonial Natal, 1870-1920

There were no complicated business arrangements. People trusted each other in those days. When you opened a shop, you would do your utmost to pay your creditors first... To be insolvent was a stigma. Traders tried to help one another. They helped others to open a shop.

Neo-colonialist imperialist military penetration in Africa

A declaration of the powerless-ness of Africa at this moment.

UNITA and Angola's struggle for independence

Facts of the Rhodesian situation before Commonwealth leaders.

Into 1966

Editorial about the outlook for the second half of the 'sixties in Africa.

Britain and Africa

What are the aims of the new Africa, and how far does Britain share these aims?.

ZAPU's witness

Book review.

A case of incompatibility
Darkness at the Heart of Apocalypse Now
South Africa in Africa
The National and colonial question in the first five years of the Comintern, 1919-24
Some Notes on the British Connection
The new situation on Southern Africa and the position of the oppressed majority in apartheid South Africa

ANC National Executive Committee submission to the Organisation of African Unity for their strategy for the liberation of South Africa.

Clash of Paradigms
A Reply to Peter Colenbrander
The Study of Southern African Precolonial History: "Bantustan Propaganda"?
Retrieving the Pre-Colonial Past: the Hlubi chiefdom in Zululand-Natal


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