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The Democrat - AUG 1992


Convention For A Democratic South Africa

Newspaper articles of 1992

Routes to democracy in the new South Africa: Some comments on CODESA's task
Kwa- Sophie
Editorial: Dangerous Times
Matsoe a mohlophisi (article written in Sotho language)
Editorial comment
ANC Strategising Group on CODESA

Minutes of a meeting of the African National Congress Strategising Group on CODESA.

Confusion of options
Editorial: We were getting there - what`s gone wrong?
Codesa: Trojan horse of Black liberation
A "minor" process where people, not power, count
The people need to know
Ballot box or Pandora`s box?
ANC Branch Letter

Branch letter in the ANC Cape Town Branch Newsletter summarising the ANC Political Education Discussion Paper, no. 5 called 'Mass organisation is key to victory!

Body and procedures for drafting a new constitution

Proposal of the African National Congress to CODESA Working Group 2 on a body and procedures for drafting a new constitution. Suggests ways in which a democratic, all-inclusive Constitution-making body would be formed.

Negotiations - what room for compromise?

Response by Sam Shilowa to Joe Slovo's paper on negotiations. Argues against compromising on issues for the sake of the government.

Views on a constitution making body

Views on a constitution making body tabled by the South African Government at a Codesa Working Group 2.

Mandela's moment of truth at CODESA

CODESA (Convention for a Democratic South Africa - even the name belies its function) has come to pass; and for the oppressed the only truthful statement made throughout those two days was, unbelievably, that from Nelson Mandela.

CODESA - deception continued

It was with much jubilation and acclaim that the ruling class staged the Convention for a Democratic South Africa (CODESA) in December 1991.


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