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Report of a Sub Committee appointed by the Natal Indian Congress

NIC Report

Natal Room/Gerhard Mare Collection: Durban's acting Mayor Councillor Dixey Adams (L) listens as City Engineer C G Hands explains that City Council has granted an increase of R2.00 per week

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Proposed Round Table Discussion

I refer to your letter of 27th February 1946, 1n this connection. I am under the impression that, in view of the changed situation which the Asiatic Land Tenure ond Indian Representation Act, 1946...

Statement to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission from Kajee's Property(pty)Limited

We are the owners of 16 acres of vacant land at Riverside on the North Bank of the Umgeni River. We acquired this in 1939 from Messrs Riverlands, Ltd.....

Memorandum submitted by the Mayville District Indian Sports Ground Association to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

To give an insight of how this Association came into being we wish to mention that the Mayville....

Permits for Indian Occupation of Dwellings

We have the honour to inform you that the attention of this Committee has been directed to a report to the effect that application are being made to the authorities.....

Letter from Phyllis Naidoo to Friends

Whereas, there are 110 000 000 land.mines scattered in 69 countries, with this figure increasing dramatically year by year, continuing violence against civilians long after warfare has ceased, and, Whereas, landmines are widely deployed in developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America,

Newspaper articles relating to the Indian and European city council for DUrban

Selection of articles related to European and Indian Council.

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