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The problem with English Literature: Canonicity, Citizenship, and the Idea of Africa
Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.85 1995
Editorial: Blackmail and Robbery
Which is my beloved country?
Ciskei Independant?
Background to the 20th anniversary of Republic Day, 31st May 1981

Pamphlet issued by the Commission for Justice and Reconciliation about the background to the 20th anniversary of the Republic Day on 31st May 1981. The meaning of Republic is also discussed, followed by the brief survey of significant events since 1961.

How China solves the national question
Bantu Homelands Citizenship Act, Act No 26 of 1970

Act to provide for citizenship of certain Bantu homelands and for the issue of certificates of citizenship to Bantu persons;in connection therewith to amend certain laws; and to provide for incidental matters.

A Black viewpoint on the special PSC on the state of the nation

Anglican Bishops and representatives of the clergy and laity met at St Peters Conference Centre at Hammanskraal to take a realistic look at the state of the nation at a time of irrevocable crisis with continuing deaths in detention, deteriorating education and deprivation of citizenship for incre

Indian Opinion Vol.53 No.47 Dec 1954
The citizen as elector
Background to politics: the Coloured people
"We cannot believe that you would make us foreigners in the land of our birth"
The entrenchment of privilege
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