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Letter to Peter Brown from John

Thursday , 17th. Dear Peter,  Cyprian Thorpe, whom I saw on Tuesday at St Matthew's, was not as helpful as I had hoped he might be. He has of course been out of touch for five months and he said he is too busy to talk much politics on the mission .

Letter from Anna to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Anna to Phyllis Naidoo

The decline and fall of the ICU - a case of self-destruction

Xhosa women carrying wood on their heads, with cows on the background.

Letter from Piers to Phyllis Naidoo

Very good to hear from you . Lynda and I are beyond apologizing to anyone about correspondence and I have been meaning to write to you for a year now.

Letter from Betzy to Phyllis Naidoo

Hello! It has been such a long time since I 've seen you - but I've thought of you so often.

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