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St Patrick's church

St Patrick's church, Pietermaritzburg

Church, Literature Relation Probed
Church street, Durban

Church street, Durban, Natal. St Paul's church and city hall

St Thomas church

St Thomas' church, Musgrave road, Durban

Dutch church

Dutch reformed church, Somerset East

St Michael's church

St Michael church, Queenstown

Barracks and Wesleyan church

Barracks and Wesleyan church, Christiana, Transvaal

Dutch reformed church

Adderley street, Dutch reformed church

Free church Bedford

Free church bedford

Letter from Alan Paton to Rajaiah
Church and cliff view

Church and cliff view valley

Church, Mountain and a house

Church, mountain and a house

St Peters church, Pietermaritzburg.

The church with the gate in the foreground.

'Going to church '

 KCAV 2214 Tempera 'going to church' C. Khala. St Matthews C.P. School

Letters to Friends from Phyllis Naidoo

Letter to friends from Phyllis Naidoo. She write to thank her friends for help the family.

Against incomplete religion

Book review of "Towards and indigenous church".

Joost de Blank: a farewell interview

Joost de Blank retired as Archbishop of Cape Town at the end of 1963.

The New African: Volume 2, Number 6, July 1963
The church in Africa

Review of five plays written by Wole Soyinka.

The mentality of Calvinism

Afrikaner religious and political links.


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