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The significance of the Homoousios in Patristic thinking and in our time
What do churches want and expect from religious education in schools?
Archbishop`s Conference calls for Day of Dedication
The voice of the church
Biography of Bavumile Herbert Vilakazi

Biography of Bavumile Herbert Vilakazi.

Diary of a country priest
Christian liberty at stake
Book reviews
Anglican Bishops and racial conflicts
The fight is on
Religion and the struggle against apartheid

Paper on religion and the struggle against apartheid, prepared for an African National Congress seminar which provides a brief history of the ANC, examines the role of the church, and challenges the church to participate in the struggle for liberation.

Suggested tactics and strategy in the mobilisation and organisation of Africans for the Revolution

Unauthored paper on mobilising and organising Africans for a revolution. Examines the African working class, churches and the Bantustans.


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