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Grassroots Volume 7 Number 2 March 1986

A non-profit community newsletter.

Locked out: children protest
800 At BLAC holiday programme
Elsies children learn and teach
Grassroots Augustl 1980

A non-profit community newsletter.

Junior sport: "Friendship first competition last"
Happy birthday Molo Songololo
Huge step towards proper child care

A huge step forward has been made towards providing proper child care for workers' children.

Child care centres needed

The unions started looking at the issue of child care after being alarmed by the rate at which infant deaths are running.

Fighting Talk Volume 11 Number 3 May 1955

Fighting Talk

About dream horses and real hopes .
Descom Bulletin No 9, November 1985
The other child
Exrtract from an address by Bishop Desmond Tutu to Crossroads protest meeting

This article is an extract from an address by Bishop Desmond Tutu to crossroads protest meeting in the University of Witwatersrand in September 19, 1978.

Children and AIDS: towards a social welfare policy
Infant and young child feeding
Early intervention for the mentally disabled child
Grants for disabled children: a desperate need
South Africa`s forgotten children
Child abuse: Sowetans respond


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