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Tamil Eisteddfod

Tamil Eisteddfod at the Tamil Vedic Society Hall

The Children`s Charter
The effects of the current unrest on township children

Article about how township children were jailed, shot and killed, some served long prison sentences, others lost valuable years of schooling, many were forced into the lowest paid unskilled jobs while others joined the ranks of the increasing numbers of unemployed youth in our country.

The expresion "Bloody Boer" cannot be without significance

Statement by the Honourable Prime Minister, Comrade R.G. Mugabe, at the opening session of the International Conferenceon children,repression and the law in apartheid South Africa. Harare, 24th september 1987.

The Home Instruction Programme for Pre-school Youngsters (HIPPY)
The other child
The working mother

Article describing the difficulty of rearing balanced families with the working mother so much away from home

Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.30 1968
Theoria: a journal of studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences No.4 1952
Third Biennial Conference National Association of Childcare Workers in 1981

Aryan Benevolent Home (ABH) is committed to protecting and nurturing children by providing a loving, caring home for children who have been neglected, ..

Three children sitting outdoors, in front of corrugated-iron sheeting, playing with a toy


Caption for photograph: Dancing Doll

Description: Early twentieth-century.  One of the children is playing with a 'dancing doll' (or 'jig doll'), a loose-limbed puppet attached to string and tied to the toes of the child.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

Three Indian Children.

Three Indian children at Kitty's studio, PMB.

Through the eyes of chiildren
Toy library in Tongaat
Traditional girls and young children


Label on photograph: Natal ± 1918

Caption for photograph: Care Free yet

Various photographed slides of different parts of the World

Children in a rural village in India

Village people stamping rice

People in a village in India processing the rice from the field.

Voice of the Youth - Soweto 76
Warwick Avenue

Market relocated to Warwick Avenue in 1934. 84. 40. ... Beerhalls were soon built in other towns of Natal

We are ourselves!


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