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Letter from Friend to Phyllis Naidoo

In early September, my father died. Relative to the majority in developing countries, he was blessed with a long life of 82 years. More amazing in terms of American culture, my parents were married 58 years.

Letter from Michael Lapsley to Phyllis Naidoo

For some time I have wanted to express to you all a deep sense of gratitude. Through loving thoughts, prayers and good wishes, you have all accompanied me on the journey which I have traveled since I first contracted meningitis and was hospitalized in Canada in May.

Letter from Kate to Phyllis Naidoo

This holiday season let us believe that together we can make a difference. Peace on earth and goodwill to all. Thank you so much for your letter of the 23rd January, 1997 which arrived today. I doubt very much whether this will reach you before you leave on the 13th February.

Letter from Alan Paton to Dr Herriott
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