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Letter from Ray to Phyllis and Sukhthi Naidoo

Greeting from Puerto Rico.

Interview with Fr. Jerome Skhakhane, conducted by Charles Mandivenyi and Martin Rosner
Mkhatshwa ends term as SACBC Secretary-general

Speech delivered by Smangaliso Mkhatshwa on his resignation as SACBC Secretary-general and the three recent events that have shaken South African Churches.

A call to conscience addressed to Catholics by their Bishops

Address by Bishops to Catholics on social and interracial justice, moral courage and dignity in human relationships within the South African context of racial discrimination.

Apartheid: a crisis of the Christian conscience

The Alfred and Winifred Hoernle Memorial Lecture, 1964, delivered by Denis Hurley under the auspices of the South African Institute of Race Relations examines the Christian ethic and the South African situation

Statement of the administrative board of Bishops of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference

Statement from the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference in response to many requests for clarification about the Catholic Church's attitude to the Republic Day festivites.

Statement on detentions by General Secretariate of the SA Catholic Bishops' Conference

Report issued by the General Secretariate of the SA Catholic Bishops about the detention of two Catholic priests, Smangaliso Mkhatshwa and Clement Okoka.

Editorial: Which Way Do We Go From Here?
Churches and Change
Reflections drawn from apartheid
The Freedom Charter
An initial response to the Kairos Document

This is a pamphlet about publicising the Kairos document on November 1985.

The declaration to end conscription

Pamphlet of the SA Catholic Bishops Conference explaining its call for an end to conscription.

Taking sides

This is the pamphlet issued by the Catholic Institute for International Relations in London 1985. It discusses the Catholic Truth Society, its objects and membership, the Catholic Institute for International Relations, conflict and different kinds of conflict.

Statements on Black Consciousness and human rights

The Southern African Catholic Bishops, in their Plenary Session of 4 February 1974, recommended that these pamphlets be studied as part of a pledge of reconciliation, between God and man and between all men, The other two pamphlets, attached to the above pamphlet, were entitled "A call to workers

Interview with Lebamang John Sebidi

Oral interview, in Johannesburg, with Lebamang John Sebidi, the first Black rector at St Peters Seminary at Hammanskraal, South Africa.

Pastoral letter of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference : the municipal elections of October 26, 1988

Letter of the President and members of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference regarding the municipal elections of October 26, 1988.

Letter from Lybon Mabasa to the Secretary, IDAMASA

Letter from Lybon Mabaso, Convenor, Community Develoment of the Black Peoples Convention, Johannesburg, to the Secretary, IDAMASA with an invitation to send delegates to a meeting to discuss the education crisis.

To his Lordship Bishop P J Buthelezi: Open letter on day of Consecration, October 22nd, 1972

Open letter of congratulation to Bishop P J Buthelezi on his appointment as Black Auxillary Bishop in the Catholic Church, Johannesburg. His appointment is seen by Black Catholics as a breakthrough in non-racialsim in the white dominated clergy


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