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The system of Botha and the bosses is rotten
It's a bosses life
Christianity and socialism - appropriating Moses and Jesus for national liberation in Azania
Notes on Theory: Dialectics
ANC guidelines
Notes on Theory No 2: Accumulation of capital
Why we opposed Kennedys visit
The United States discovers Africa
Foreign aid and self-help in West Africa
Industrial unrest in South Africa

Paper by I B Tabata on industrial unrest and strikes by Black workers in South Africa. Provides a brief history of the rise of capitalism in South Africa and a perspective on the South African economy.

The advent of capitalism in South Africa

Paper by Jack Simons on the history of capitalism in South Africa. Covers the advent of capitalism globally, early societies in South Africa, primitive Communalism, Dutch settlers in South Africa and the British and the advent of capitalism in South Africa.

The struggle in perspective: some ideas

Article by the United Democratic Front in which the Front looks at the crisis facing the ruling party as a result of contradictions in South African capitalism.

"The greed and waste that is capitalism"
Marxist Education Theory No. 3: Imperialism: the last stage of capitalism
Socialism for Africa
Marxist education series No 2: Aspects of capitalism
Editorial: The new Africa- capitalist or socialist?
National independence and socialism


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