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"No!" to the wage freeze
1985 Is your year!
250 000 Say yes to UDF
Action planned against bosses who dismiss workers
Away with slavery - let's take control
Branches must form living wage committees
Build unity, defy apartheid
Building people's power
Building the working class
Bury the new deal
Campaign for jobs or living benefits - NUWW
Campaign for National United Action: Christmas against the emergency December 16 to 26

Newspaper clipping regarding campaign for National United Action-christmas against the emergengcy December 16 to 26. UDF pledge themselves to ten days of united action in protest against apartheid and the state of emergency

Campaign to re-open day hospital
Campaigns to build union and recruit members
Committee report: Education charter campaign

Report of the Education Charter Campaign, a joint campaign of the Azanian Students Organisation, the Congress of South African Students and the National Union of South African Students.

COSATU living wage campaign

Chairman's report to the Annual General Meeting supporting COSATU's living wage campaign because of poor living conditions of the Black population in South Africa

Cosatu's Living Wage Campaign must be built
Editorial comment
Editorial: Tribute to Chief Luthuli
Emergency convocation of churches in South Africa

This journal article is about the emergence convocation of churches in South Africa which was held in Johannesburg on 30-31 May, in order to outline a plan of effective non-violence campaign.


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