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Letter from Gwen and Frank to Phyllis Naidoo and Sukhthi

Thank you for your last letter. Sorry we have not written to you before this.

Words, words, words

Snippets about the comparisons between the South African and Irish resistance efforts against domination.

Students launch blueprint
COSATU living wage campaign

Chairman's report to the Annual General Meeting supporting COSATU's living wage campaign because of poor living conditions of the Black population in South Africa

Committee report: Education charter campaign

Report of the Education Charter Campaign, a joint campaign of the Azanian Students Organisation, the Congress of South African Students and the National Union of South African Students.

The Black Sash National Headquarters report 1973 to 1975

The Black Sash National Headquarters report for National Conference presented on 10 October 1975, discussing: General Elections, Campaign on African Women, Migrant Labour, Program for Social Change, public relations.

Programme of action for the ANC

Programme of action for the ANC. Lists upcoming campaigns: Violence, Constituent Assembly, Land and Housing, Building organs of people's power, Gangsterism, Living Wage, Privatisation and Labour Issues. Looks at structure of the campaigns.

Standing for the truth: proposed model

Policy document of the national, regional and local church campaign committee. It discusses functions to plan, cordinate, promote, training programmes and co-option of new members.

Standing for the truth: the mission of the Church

Policy document issued by Standing for the Truth Committe about Christians and the defiance campaign against apartheid.

Away with slavery - let's take control
Historic miners' conference
Mineworkers rally to defend union
Campaigns to build union and recruit members
Branches must form living wage committees
Build unity, defy apartheid
NUM launches camapaign to democratise gold fields
Building people's power
Editorial comment
Inyathelo licetyiwe kubaqeshi abazokugxotha abasebenzi (article written in Xhosa language)
Action planned against bosses who dismiss workers


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