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Union facing considerable financial difficulties
Two sides of a leaf
The Cost of Apartheid
The budget and the development plan
The Budget
The Black Worker's Project: A proposal

There is a universal understanding for workers to negotiate in one voice, yet Blacks were refused membership to Trade unions.The complexity of the race situation in South Africa enhanced this gap between the White and BlacK worker.

Soweto and the South African economy
Some notes on the budgets of J H Hofmeyr
Project budget convering contribution from donor

Annexure 1 of the African National Congress (ANC) project document for the proposed Vocational Training Centre in Dakawa.

Letter from T. Nkobi, African National Congress Treasurer-General, to Dear Comrades

Circular letter from T.

Letter from Alan Paton to Herbert
Labour action
Interim report of the African National Congress Joint Committee on Reduction of Expenditure

Report by Moses Kotane on reduction of expenditure in the African National Congress. Recommends the reduction of allowances and reduction in camps expenditure. Submitted to the National Executive Committee on the 27th August 1967.

Harsh budgets and harsher facts

Taxation and development in East Africa.

Fosatu says it's a rich man`s budget
First budget speech
Finances must be under control
Fighting Talk Volume X number 4 April 1952

Fighting Talk, organ of the Springbok legion

Fighting Talk Volume IX Number 8 August 1953

Fighting Talk - organ of the Springbok Legion


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