Broome Commission

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Intermixing of European and Non-Europeans

The following letter was received from the Provincial secretary......

Memorandum on Education

An enquiry into the measure of social advancement made by the Indian community in Natal should employ for its standard of judgement the enlightened principle s of social progress embodied in the "Uplift Clause" of the Cape Town Agreement (1927).

Minutes of Proceedings of Twentieth Public Setting

Your branch has furnished the Commission with a memorandum which we have read. It will not be necessary for you to repeat anything that is contained in that memorandum.....

Memorandum of the Natal Indian Association

In conformity with your wishes as manifested by the Terms of Reference there was honest and in many cases successful attempt of the part of the representatives of the Association on the Lawrence Committee to dissuade Indians from purchasing properties in what are regarded as predominantly Europea

Memorandum to the Town Clerk

Memorandum to the Town Clerk

re: Lawrence Committee : Letter from the Principal Immigration Officer.

I have considered the letter from the Principal Immigartion Officer of the 28th ultimo


Minutes of Meeting of City Council's Representatives on Lawrence Committee (Meeting held Wednesday, 20th May 1942)

A plan showing the position in regard to Indian penetration in Durban (old Borough) was exhibited in the Committee Room for information of Councilors, this plan reflecting the number of properties which had actually been transferred to Indian ownership since the conclusion of sittings of the Broo

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