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Staff of Radio Lotus

Radio Lotus is a South African national radio station based in Durban, loosely similar to the BBC Asian Network in the United Kingdom, that caters for the needs of the Indian South African community.

Department of Post, Telegraphs, Interior and Public Health

His Excellency the Officer Administering the Government has been pleased in terms of section two of Act No. 22 of 1936.....

Letter from the South African Broadcasting Corporation to Alan Paton
Divinity: part one

A radio play.


A radio play.

Come to tea

A radio play.

Fusane's trial

A radio play.

Television News - The Official News
Bowling them over

Donna Symmonds from Barbados in the West Indies is a world cass sports broadcaster. The SABC Invited her to be aguest broadcaster during the one day cricket series between South Africa, Pakistan and the West Indies. She talked toPearl MajoIa

Restoring the Dignity of the Local Community: A Case-Study of Impartiality, SABC-Style
SABC - TV: 'A Bias Against Understanding'
TV 2/3/4/ under Mphahlele
Plugging into SABC language tangle
Radio resistance blossoms south
Reborn SABC rides the waves
A framework for fair play
Free airwaves: who`s tuned to catch them?
Looking for broadcasting alternatives
Mixing it for the public good


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