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The Bus boycott
Africa and the British electorate
The Ethics of boycott
The Evaton riots
Johannesburg diary
Africa South

Africa South, a journal edited by Ronald M. Segal (1932-2008) was launched in Cape Town in 1956. The journal was published quarterly while funds were available. The last and final publication was issued in 1961. Ronald M.

June 12 Movement

June 12th marked a historic moment in the history of Black students. The University of the Western Cape acting together with the Department of Coloured Affairs expelled students of the University of the Western Cape for protesting against "education for subjugation".

The bus boycott, Johannesburg: The explosive penny

Incomplete article by I B Tabata about a bus boycott in Johannesburg following an increase in fares.

Boycott banned!
A critical analysis of the criticism of consumer boycotts
Letters to the Editor: Zola Budd
University of Natal - medical students
Elections under the new constitution
The student struggle and you
Five years of Tricam rottenness
Bus boycott
East London workers boycott buses
Boycott apartheid tour


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