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Memorandun submitted to the Group Areas Board

Proposals for Areas in central Durban........

David Paton Collection: David Paton described this photo as 'Trip to Natal, Easter 1946: Growing up, myself (David Paton) at Durban, the Bluff in the background, wearing my first sports jacket'

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Indian Immigrants at the Bluff, Durban

rrival of the first indentured Indians, an event that was to have far-reaching results for the ... labour and would thus be a useful immigrant in the colony where ... brought ashore in small boats and then transferred to the Depot on the. Bluff.

Bluff and Durban Harbour

View of Bluff and the Harbour from the Cuthbert's Building

View of the Point docks from Bluff

View from Bluff of Point docks

Cave rock on the Bluff

It is a wonder that the Bluff still exists. For many hundreds of thousands of years this large sandstone formation stood proudly at the Bluff headland ...

The Bluff, Durban c1868.

The Bluff, Durban c1868.

Durban Postcard (Bluff)

Durban Postcard (Bluff)

View of Bluff

Bluff, Bathers and part of the point, taken from pool beach, Durban, 1938.

Memorandum submitted by the Orient Islamic Educational Trust

The Orient Islamic Educational Trust was formed as a non-profit sharing Company under laws of the Union, with the object of establishing residential and day schools and hostels for Indian  children in Natal and elsewhere....

The bluff Durban

The bluff - Durban

Bluff beach and cave rock

Bluff beach and cave rock


An inlet on the bluff, inside the bay.

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