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SASO Newsletter, 1970 - 1976

By the late 1960s many black students increasingly began to feel the frustration and disillusionment similar to that which had led to the Fort Hare SRC to disaffiliate from NUSAS in 1952.

Solidarity: official organ of the Black Consciousness Movement of Azania, No13

Articles include a statement on the death of Samora Machel, discussions on solidarity, a statemement of reaffirmation, the Chairpersons New Year message etc.

Soweto Riots
Staement by Seth Sandila Mazibuku

This is a press release about the death of Steve Biko and the detention of black leaders.

The Birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa

One day in July 1968 a group of students formed a separate caucus at the annual conference of the University Christian Movement being held outside Stutterheim in the Cape Province.

The birth of the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa

This article which was published in WSCF Journal, Volume 1 No 2, 1979, pages 26-31, traces the birth and development of the Black Consciousness Movement to the banning of all Black Consciousness Movement organisations in 1977.


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