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Affirmative action and Black advancement in business

One person's dream of advancement is another person's nightmare. What follows is an attempt to....

Chapter sixteen: Black community programmes
Wiehahn Commission: precis of speech

Precis of speech on the Wiehahn Commission of Inquiry into labour legislation, by Auret van Heerden, President of the National Union of South African Students, delivered at the 56th Annual Congress of the National Union, November 1978.

Black Community Programmes Limited: 1976 Report

Annual Report of the Black Community Programmes

Black Community Programmes: Year report 1972

The goals of the Black community programmes are to help the Black community become aware of its own identity, to help the Black community create a sense of its own power; to enable the Black community to organise itself, to analyse its own needs and problems and to revitalise its resources to mee

Black Urbanisation In Natal/KwaZulu: 1980-2000
Black Community Programmes Limited: Projects and people

A pamphlet containing photographs from projects of the Black Community Programmes.The goals of the Black Community Programmes are to help the Black community become aware of its own identity, create a sense of empowerment and to revitalise resources to meet its own needs

Land as a factor in Black communalism

A memorandum that examines Black communalism as a way of life and the right of all citizens to have access to land

White racism and Black conciousness

The paper discusses the totality of White power in South Africa and Black Consciousness

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