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Editorial: Helen Suzman
Editorial: Edgar Brookes
Editorial: Sallie Lundie
Maimie Corrigall
Editorial: Bill Hoffenberg
Albert John Luthuli College
Death of a Leader
The struggle is not over
Mojanku Gumbi: proud to be black

Through her involvement in the Black Consciousness Movement and her work as a lawyer, Mojanku Gumbi learnt to believe in herselfand to fight against racism and sexism.Rosalee Telela spoke to her

Khuma's pride and joy

When Mary Agnes Khunwana won the Community Builder of the Year Award In November last year, it was a dream come true. Bobby Rodwell spoke to her

In honour of Com. I B Tabata's birthday on 10th June, 1989

Address given by Jane Gool on I B Tabata's birthday. Presents his life history and the history of the Unity Movement.

Speech on my 75th birthday at N's home

Speech by Jane Gool on her 75th birthday, celebrated in Zambia.

No regrets
Yvonne Chaka Chaka: Princess of Africa
Courage, confidence and caring
Acting with a mission
From domestic to dancer
Lydia Kompe: fighting for rural rights
The Death of Albert Nzula and the silence of George Padmore
Death of a revolutionary Frank Glass/Li Fu-Jen/John Liang 1901-1988


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