Bhaca apron

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Apron black cloth with beading for married Bhaca women from uMzimkhulu 1984

Apron black cloth with beaded edge. Worn by married Bhaca women in uMzimkhulu area 1984. Worn under breast cloth and over red apron.(indwangu emnyama)

Apron worn by engaged Khuze girl of Highflats, 1983

Apron front cloth with applicique and plastic beading. Worn as an apron by an engaged girl who is on a trial marriage visit to her future in-laws family. 

Apron black cloth with beading for engaged Bhaca women of Himeville, 1960-1980

Apron black cloth with beading. Worn by engaged girl. Dressed for trial marriage visit to future in-laws. Bhaca of Himeville 1960-1980. Umshashalazo (shashalazi(i, ii)- clear spot-pg. 733, Doke and Vilakazi Zulu-English Dictionary, 1948.

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