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Beaded Apron

Black beaded apron for a married woman from Ndwedwe.

Beaded Belt

Colorful beaded belt, with different shapes.

Beaded Necklace

Blac kbeaded necklace with blue, white and red diamonds and small fringe.

Beaded Purse

Black beaded purse with colorful decorations.

Beaded and Wooden Necklace

Beaded and wooden necklace.

Beaded Girdle

White beaded girdle with different shapes in different colors.

Beaded Shoulder Pads

Green beaded shoulder patch with diamonds in different colors.

Beaded Accessory

A pair of beaded accessories for the Abambo married women. They pin in on top of their hats.

Beaded Accessory

Beaded accessory for the Abambo married women. They pin it on their hats.

Beaded Tray: Pattern

Detailed view of the patterns on the beaded tray.

Beaded Tray: Shape

Colorful beaded tray in an oval shape

Beaded Cloak

Beaded cloak specially made for a Zulu bride from the Abambo tribe.

Beaded Cloak

Beaded Cloak made for a Zulu bride from Abambo tribe. 

Beaded Accessory: Pattern

Detailed view of a beaded accessory, showing the sequence and arrangement of beads.

Beaded Accessory

Details of the colorful beaded accessory, which were sometimes used as love letters.

Beaded Accessory

Colorful beaded accessory with different partens and colors.

Beaded WaistCoat

Beaded waistcoat written 'isihlahla sami'.

Beaded WaistCoat

Colorful beaded waistcoat.

Beadwork for Infant

Variety of beadwork worn by infants from the Abathembu tribe.

Fertility Doll Necklaces

Variety of beaded fertility doll necklaces from the Abathembu tribe.


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