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Telephone wire basket known as Imbhenge in IsiZulu,with red, white orange and blue triangular colors.


Telephone wire basket in red, white, green, blue, black and orange colors. There are colorful triangles around it as design. 

Three women posing for a photograph of a domestic scene


Handwritten label on page: "Cuisinières" / "Cooks"
Written directly on photograph: "[De Camille et Suzanne]"

Women and children carrying baskets of fruit


Unlabelled photograph

Description:  The photograph depicts women and children in a yard by some thatched buildings.  The women and children are carrying woven baskets which possibly contain fruit.  There are also children in the foreground, seated by baskets of fruit. 

A woman grinding grain at the entrance to a hut


Handwritten label on page: "Women grinding" / "Femmes moulant"

Women carrying woven baskets of material and bundles of sticks


Handwritten label on page: "Girls bringing fuel" / "Jeunes filles portant combustible"

Description: The photograph depicts a line of women in front of a thatched dwelling.  The women are carrying woven baskets of material and bundles of sticks on their heads


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