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Snake Charmer

The snake charmer is a common scene on the roads of India. ...

Indentured Indian

Telephone wire basket known as Imbhenge in IsiZulu in red, white and blue colors.

" Imbhenge"

Telephone wire basket, in red, blue, white and green colors. It is known as Imbhenge in IsiZulu.

The basket trick

The basket trick- in mid air

Sisal fibre baskets.

Sisal fibre baskets. Our Lady of Ingwavuma School. Grossert No. 173-4

Ilala palm leaf basketry

Ilala palm leaf basketry. Nquthu show. 4.6.1959. Grossert No. 64

Basket. No Grossert number

Basket. No Grossert number

Xhosa beer-drinking baskets

Xhosa beer-drinking baskets. 23.10.1961. Grossert No.801-2

Imbenge or small basket from Umsingizane grass. Masinga show
Sisal basket. our lady of Ingwavuma school
Venda Ngula baskets

Venda Ngula baskets. Sibasa  29.1.1961. Grossert, No.565

Zulu isichomo or beer-carrying basket

Zulu isixhomo or beer-carrying basket

Ilala palm leaf basket.

KCAV 1303 ilala palm leaf basket. Hlabisa (Adult made) Grossert no.107.

Basket from umsingizane grass knot-stitch. Msinga show
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