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Planning for peoples war discussion document

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war. Covers the armed struggle, people's revolutionary violence, uprisings in the Bantustans, the enemy armed forces and arming the people.

The role of the Trade Unions in the National Liberation Struggle

An article about the National Liberation Struggle as their decision to join the United Democratic Front was made as part of their response to certain political events, and these events directly affected them as a union.

Suggested tactics and strategy in the mobilisation and organisation of Africans for the Revolution

Unauthored paper on mobilising and organising Africans for a revolution. Examines the African working class, churches and the Bantustans.

Land briefs
Land access is my prioirity
Land briefs
Land rights update
Widespread opposition to land transfer plan
KwaZulu govt wants state land
Government to give land to Lebowa
Homeland consolidation behind land transfer plan?
Editorial notes: Apartheid - the end approaches
Blueprint for slavery: Bantu Laws Amendment Act 1964
New books on South Africa
Partitioning South Africa: some aspects of the "Bantustan" scheme
Matanzima rejects trade unions
New rule for contract workers
The struggle on the mines
Matanzima rejects trade unions
New rule for contract workers


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