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Why the nationalist say there is no place for mission schools
"Peoples Education: What Can Be Expected?"
Alternative Education

Paper by Jack Simons on alternative education. Outlines an alternative education system for South Africa.

Bantu Education
Bantu Education Act, Act No 47 of 1953

The Act was to provide for the transfer of the adminiustration and control of native education from the several provincial administrations to the Government of the Union of South Africa, and for matters incidental thereto

Bantu education and the African teacher
Bantu education in action
Bantu education in action
Bantu education: A communication
Bantu Education: Yet another assault on the people!

Call to the people to adopt the policy of the All-African Convention and oppose Bantu Education.

Black Sash / Sash

Sash, originally published as Black Sash, is a detailed record of the activities of the Black Sash organisation: the petitions, protests, marches, vigils, press releases and Conference papers which reflect the modus operandi of their desire to bring about change in the legislation which was, in t

Black University education - the total strategy
Broadening the education base: from revolt to a search for alternatives
Chapter seven: Education for Blacks (Primary and Secondary)
Civil Rights News Letter, Vol. XV No. 2 Issued 8 February 1968

In motive and direction, the mental and physical "treks" of our African and White forefathers were opposites.

Comment: Adrift between shadow and reality
Comparison of the Syllabus of the Bantu Education Department with that of the Transvaal Education Department and Other Related Matters
Crisis in Education - A Black Man's View
Draft proposals for a new strategy of the ANC of South Africa April 1971

Draft proposals for a new strategy for the African National Congress in South Africa.


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