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Minutes, Circulars and Agendas of the Natal Indian Congress in 1950

1950 minutes and agendas

Municipal elections

An article stating the approach to the municipal elections which was determined by the state of the organisation, the mood of the masses and the strengths and weaknesses of the regime and the campaign against the municipal elections was not the only one facing the mass democratic movement.

NEW AGE 1954-1963

New Age, newspaper and its' predecessors, The Guardian; Advance were founded by trade unionists, academics and and was known as a leftist publication. New Age was linked to the African National Congress and its' leadership.

New Age Vol.1 No.1 Oct. 1954
New Age Vol.1 No.12 Jan. 1955
New Age Vol.1 No.2 Nov. 1954
New Age Vol.1 No.43 Aug. 1955
New Age Vol.2 No.2056 Mar. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.3456 Jun. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.3756 Jul. 1956
New Age Vol.2 No.7 Dec. 1955
New Age Vol.3 No.156 Nov. 1956
New Age Vol.3 No.22 Mar. 1957
New Age Vol.3 No.2357 Mar. 1957
New Age Vol.4 No.2258 Mar. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.3058 May. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.4658 Sep. 1958
New Age Vol.4 No.657 Nov. 1957
New Age Vol.5 No.11 Jan. 1959
New Age Vol.5 No.12 Jan. 1959


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