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Line of the worriors approaching a chief and in homestead

WCP 969


WCP 1903

Self Potrait

WCP 3031

Beloved daughter of africa

WCP 3032 Beloved daughter of Africa

Hippopotamus At waterhole

WCP 3060

Self Potrait

WCP 1728 Self portrait

Crack of sevices

WCP 1727 Crack of sevices

Deserted wives

WCP 1687 Deserted wives

Ancestral healing

WCP 1686 Ancestral healing.

Entrance to Lamontville

WCP 2416 Entrance to Lamontville

Old woman

WCP 1726 Old woman

untitled three figure

WCP 1725 Untitled three figures

Life drawing of European Model

WCP 1723 Life drawing of european model

THe witchdoctor

WCP 1712 The witchdoctor

The witchdoctor preparin stong muti

WCP 1651 The witchdoctor preparing strong muti

Left alone

WCP 1722B Left Alone

Left alone

WCP 1722 Left alone.

From the Market

WCP 1721 From the market

From the Market

WCP 1721 From the market

African man playing a flute

WCP 1720 African Man playing a flute


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