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Two Zulu homestead

WCP 1053 Two Zulu Homestead, one in right other left centre with groups of warriors between engaged in contest.

Two worriors approaching one another.

WCP 1043 Two warriors approaching one another Zulu  homestead and many people visible in the backgruond.

Two men and a woman outside a zulu hut

WCP 1037 Two men and a woman outside a Zulu hut.

Two children

WCP 2156 Two children

Tree Marrianhill

WCP 2140 Tree Marrianhill

Three man fighting fire at night

WCP 1707 Three man Fighting fire at night. BY Gerald Bhengu

Three grain planters

WCP 848 Three grain planters. By Franz Hodi

Three figures

WCP 844 Three figures, central one being helped to stand by other two. By Franz Hodi.

Three Figure dancing in the circle

WCP 1009 Mathebula Louis, Thre figure dancing in a circle.

The witchdoctor preparin stong muti

WCP 1651 The witchdoctor preparing strong muti

THe witchdoctor

WCP 1712 The witchdoctor

The vultures inspecting Shakas corpse

WCP 1700  The vultures inspecting Shakas corpse

The runner

WCP 432 The runner. Part of first fruit Ceremony. By Gerald Bhengu.

The prodigal son

WCP 1416 The prodigal son

The Peoples of South Africa - Reprint from Official Yearbook of the Republic of South Africa

The striking diversity of the South African population is the result not only of comparatively recent migrations but of a long process of which but a small part is known to historians. Of the whole process, perhaps the last three or four centuries have been adequately documented.

The Ghost

WCP 1703 The ghost. By Manyoni B.S.

The bull fight

WCP 3021 The bull fight.

The arsunephone of the blessed virgins

WCP 853 The arsunephone of the blessed virgin.



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