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Chief homestead being surronded by worriors

WCP 380

Christ carrying cross

KCAV 2304 Mosaic ' Christ carring cross' Student Lumko School 1961.

Christ preaching

WCP 850 Christ Preaching

Contest of skill among great mambers of worrior outside Zulu homestead.

WCP 1041 Contest of skill among great members of worriors outside Zulu homestead.

Contest of skill between two worriors

WCP 1058 Contest of skill between two warriors watched by onlookers

Country scene with mosty mountains

WCP 1069 Country scene with misty mountains in background.

Crack of sevices

WCP 1727 Crack of sevices

Crayon 'Children playing' Maria Miya

Crayon 'Children playing'  by Maria Miya, 7 years Nicholson Infant School

Dancing contest with Zulu homestead in foreground

WCP 288 Dancing contested with Zulu homestead in foreground

Decorated envelop with house / casttle

WCP 1708 Decorated envelop with house or casttle

Deserted wives

WCP 1687 Deserted wives

Domestic Scene
Early Indian Settlement
Encloosed Zulu homestead

WCP 1052 Enclosed homestead on left with groups of warriors about to engage in battle.

Entrance to Lamontville

WCP 2416 Entrance to Lamontville

Ever young , old man

WCP 1432 Buthelezi A. Ever young, ola man. Ayigugi letshebe.

Fantastic Animal
Fantastic Bird
Fantastic Bird
Fantastic Bird


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