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Self Potrait

WCP 845 Self potrait By Franz Hodi.

Self Potrait

WCP 2142

Self Potrait

WCP 1728 Self portrait

Self Potrait

WCP 3031

Sentenced to death

WCP 3057 Sentenced to death.

Shack settlement

WCP 3040 Untitled shack settlement water collection point

Sheep and drinking lamb

WCP 1524 Sheep and drinking lamb

Shepherd and three sheep

WCP 1514 Shepherd and sheep

Skiming of zulu worriors

WCP 1039 Skiming of zulu worriors

Sleeping baby holding bottle

WCP 1715 Untitled Sleeping baby holding bottle.

Small group of worriors surrounding Zulu hut

WCP 1040 Small group of warriors surrounding Zulu hut

South African Digest - Week ended - June 8, 1979
South African Digest Week Ended June 1, 1979
Study of Marrianhill connect church

WCP 847 Study of Marrianhil lconnect church.

Study of pot plants

WCP Study of pot plants

Study of trees

WCP 851 Study of trees. By Franz Hodi

The arsunephone of the blessed virgins

WCP 853 The arsunephone of the blessed virgin.

The bull fight

WCP 3021 The bull fight.


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