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MK battlefront - women`s forum
MK in combat
MK soldiers viewpoint - there must be a change
MK soldiers viewpoint: Pillars of our army
MK soldiers` viewpoint
MK women`s forum - the challenge is facing us
National liberation wars in the present epoch: a Soviet view
NUSAS talks to the ANC

Subtitled: Reportback on meeting between the National Union of South African Students and the African National Congress held from Sunday, 31 March to Tuesday, 2 April [1986] in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Operation Mayibuye
Organise and advance to people's power

Internal ANC paper, declaring 1987 the year of Advance to People's Power, which involves mass action, underground political work, armed struggle and international isolation of the Apartheid regime.

PAC is the revolution
People of Azania

A "power to the people" circular

People`s war - stages and tasks
Perspectives of our struggle: Part 1
Planning for Peoples War

Memorandum by Jack and Ray Simons summarising comments made by a comrade in Botswana regarding preparing for a peoples war.

Planning for peoples war discussion document

Discussion document on planning for a peoples war. Covers the armed struggle, people's revolutionary violence, uprisings in the Bantustans, the enemy armed forces and arming the people.

Poems by Leonard Koza
Political and military training in our Army
Political conflict
Politics and the armed struggle: the revolutionary army

Paper delivered by Ronnie Kasrils on Umkhonto we Sizwe. Outlines the army's basic positions and the consequences and tasks which flow from them.


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