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Batlokoa house

KCAV 1916 Batlokoa house. Musong Palmtietfontein, near sterkspruit. C.P> Basutu Tribe

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1917 -18 Batlokoa house with stich showing baby has been born, Futher entering hut. 8.2, 1961.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1919-20 Batlokoa house. Mural plastering. KCAV 1920B interior woman grinding corn.

Batlokoa house

KCAV 1921-24 Batlokoa house interiors 8.2.1961.

Batlokoa house interior

KCAV 1025-7 Batlokoa house interior 8.2.1961.

Batlokoa house interior

KCAV 1928-29 Batlokoa house interior  8.2.1961.

Batlokwa house

Batlokwa house. Sterkspruit 8.2.1961

Brandfort Bantu Village

KCAV 1930 Brandfort Bantu Village 26.5.1961.

Cathedral Queenstown

KCAV 2044-5 KCAV 2050-4 Cathedral Queenstown

Diagram of homestead

KCAV 1947 diagram of homestead. Modern based on traditional.

Macka`s Neck church

KCAV 2039-2042 Mackay`s neck church with interior with St Pietia Selhosrt mosaics.


KCAV B Makapanstad TVL.20.2.1959.

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV 1911-13 Ndebele homestand Bronkohosrtspruit   15.6. 1960

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV Ndebele homstead Bronkhorstspruit 15.6.1960

Ndebele Homestead

KCAV 1914B Ndebele homestead Middleburg  18.8.1061

Ndebele homested

KCAV1958-61 Ndebele homestead.

Suthu type flat roof house with courtyard

KCAV 1962-3 Sotho type flat roof house with courtyard


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Veda home Sibasa.

KCAV 1955-7 Veda home Sibasa. Tshisikules home 11.9.1962.

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