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Reaping the ugly harvest
Apartheid legacy of evil that just won`t go away
Who is the enemy?
Editorial comment: Death to the apartheid monster!
Liberal balance sheet
Blessings of apartheid
The changing face of apartheid
Editorial: Apartheid in crisis
Preliminary list of participants: International/Regional Organisations

Preliminary list of participants: International/Regional Organisations at the World United Against Apartheid for a democratic South Africa Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, December 1-4, 1987. Includes Draft Declaration of the Conference.

From this to this?

Brochure campaigning against the proposed forced removal of the Fingoes from Grahamstown's Fingo Village to Committee's Drift after Fingo Village was proclaimed a Coloured Area under the Proclamation No. 100, March 26, 1970.

Buthelezi versus Botha
The challenges of a king
We are at war!

ANC illustrated booklet in five languages on the history of the liberation struggle, apartheid and the ANC.

Labour and labour laws in South Africa
A Day to remember
"Power-sharing" Apartheid style: a critical analysis of the Botha regime's current political strategy

Paper on power-sharing and the apartheid government from the Centre for African Studies in Maputo, Mozambique. Argues that it is projecting a reformist image.

Persecution under apartheid law in South Africa

Paper by Dora Taylor on human rights violations perpetrated by the apartheid government.

Divine Right

Draft of editorial by I B Tabata for the independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso, following the death of Strydom and his replacement by Dr Verwoerd.

University apartheid in South Africa

Unpublished article on apartheid at Universities in South Africa by I B Tabata.

South Africa's racist state and the national democratic revolution

Paper by Jack Simons on apartheid and the democratic revolution. Examines the history of political systems in South Africa, looks at the Constitution, racial segregation, white supremacy, exclusions of Africans and the racist government.


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