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South African Indian Congress Resolutions

SAIC resolutions

South African Indian Congress Resolution - February/July 1946

South African Indian Congress. Resolutions passed at the.......

South African Indian Congress Policy in the Future

Policy in the South African Indian Congress in the future

South African Indian Congress Immigrants regulation bill 1953

Immigrants Regulation Bill

South African Indian Congress deputation and representation

Matters arising from minutes

South African Indian Congress Constitution

SAIC Constitution

South African Indian Congress Conference held in Durban on the 17th, 18th and 19th September 1948

This Eighteenth session of the South African Indian Congress meets only a few months after the holding of the General.....

South African Indian Congress 16th session held at The Gandhi Hall Johannesburg, Transvaal

SAIC resolution passed at the 16th session.......

South African Indian Congress - Delegation in New York

Memorandum of the treatment of Indians in South Africa

South African Indian Conference Resolution

This South African Indian Conference constituted of the Natal Indian Organisation.


South African Indian Conference Draft Resolution

Twenty eight months of Nationalist Party rule....

South African History : a new look

South African History : a new look. N G Garson p 287-292 African Studies - CA 1975

South Africa: Is the Revolution Over?

Ten years ago, socialists around the world were active in the struggle apartheid in South Africa, and looked to it as a beacon of hope.

South Africa's racist state and the national democratic revolution

Paper by Jack Simons on apartheid and the democratic revolution. Examines the history of political systems in South Africa, looks at the Constitution, racial segregation, white supremacy, exclusions of Africans and the racist government.

South Africa after the Nats
Sources and Issues in the History of South Africa's small towns

There are few histories of South African towns and many of them are acts of religious, familial, racial piety

Song and Sorrow and Thanksgiving
Some aspects of the Apartheid Union Land Laws and Policy as affecting Africans

President General of the African National Congress

Social change: Christian action

A study of the implications of the Christian message on a racially divided South African society

Secretary of the South African Indian Congress has not resigned

Durban today states that he has not resigned.......


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