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Fighting Talk Volume 10 Number 2 February 1954

Fighting Talk - independent monthly review

Fighting Talk Volume 10 Number 12 February 1957

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats

Fighting Talk Volume 10 Number 10 November 1954

Fighting Talk

Fighting Talk August 1962

Fighting Talk - special issue with an urgent appeal to readers and subscribers to keep the magazine in print.

Encounter with Brazil

EdThe General Assembly, in its resolution 2060 (XX) requested the Secretary-General to organize an international seminar on apartheid in 1966 under the programme of advisory services in the field of human rights.

Emergent themes in South African propoganda

Briefing notes to the Commonwealth Committee on South African propaganda and censorship regarding South African Government propaganda and necessary responses.

Editorial: Apartheid in crisis
Editorial note for Hofmeyr biography
Editorial comment: Death to the apartheid monster!
E-mail from Phyllis Naidoo to David Gonzalez

Its 7pm, and therefore its midday in Cuba. I follow you with my clock. Always 7 hours behind. Then why did I wake you up this morning probably around 5am. I know simply because I get up early and I am impatient for you to wake up to welcome the day.

Durban's beachfront "calamity"
Durban Workers Demonstrate

Workers Demonstrate

Dr John Philip
DR GM Naicker President of the SAIC

Dr GM Naicker played a key role in planning a mass civil disobedience movement. The initiative was taken by the ANC and the PAC which called on Africans to revolt against the carrying of passes.

Dr Bernard Friedman
Don`t call me madam
Divine Right

Draft of editorial by I B Tabata for the independent newspaper, Ikhwezi Lomso, following the death of Strydom and his replacement by Dr Verwoerd.

Dear Ahmedbhai, Dear Zuleikhabehn: The Letters of Zuleikha Mayat and Ahmed Kathrada, 1979-1989

In this collection of letters between a South African political prisoner and a community organizer in Durban, two people who have never met become dear friends during the last decade of apartheid.

De Klerk's new South Africa: apartheid out? segregation in!
Cricket and corruption: the post apartheid relationship between India and South Africa within and beyond the boundary

International sports sanctions against the apartheid government resulted in the isolation of South African cricket from 1970 to 1991.


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