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Paris sanctions conference hears African National Congress of South Africa

ANC press release regarding a statement by Oliver R Tambo, ANC President, to the International Conference on sanctions against South Africa. States that sanctions should not be seen as a way of reforming apartheid, but rather as a weapon against the apartheid government.

Our Party must answer the enemy's offensive

Unauthored statement encouraging members to unite against apartheid.

Organisations Pro and Anti Apartheid
Opening Address by Chief Albert J Luthuli, President-General, African National Congress to the 22nd Bennial Conference of the South African Indian Congress meeting at Gandhi Hall.

Once again another biennial conf erence is upon you.....

Nurses face apartheid: another profession under fire from the government
NP KeyFacts No 22 - 1 July 1998

Apartheid education the past

NP KeyFacts No 22 - 1 July 1998

Apartheid education the past

Now is the Time
Notes on the SAIC

Notes and Correspondences

NIC leaders in Detention - 1980-1981

Press articles

NIC and SAIC Campaigns - 1979-1984

Newsapaper Articles

NIC and communism NIC and Buthelezi press cuttings 1980 to 1989

Newspaper Articles

Newspaper cuttings on Apartheid and Racism
Newspaper collection of J P Gokool - 1980-1981
Newspaper articles on Racism Mixed marriages in South Africa
Newspaper articles on Racism and Apartheid 1988-1994
New National Party press Cuttings
New Era, Jan 1991-Dec 1991
New constitutional proposals 1981 - 1982


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