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Amaqhikiza from uMsinga

Outfit for Amaqhikiza, girl who is senior with boyfriend, from the Mabaso clan area of Msinga c1975.

Amaqhikiza or Senoir girls

Two girls of the amaqhikiza who dressed in their outfits worn on special occassions for photograph.

Senoir girls or Amaqhikiza

Senoir girls. A fairly established formal relationship in which the girl has already given beadwork to boy and is in this instance going to give imibondo gifts to the boyfriends family.

Amaqhikiza or Senoir girls

Two girls of amaqhikiza(girl with boyfriend) age group from the Mtolo of Matakane.

Amaqhikiza or Senoir girls

Senior girls of Motolo family of Matakane.

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