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Letter from Adrian Berrill to Alan Paton
Letter from Alan Paton to Adrian Berrill
Letter from Alan Paton to Charles Scribner and Sons
Letter from M. Hackel to Paton
Letter from Paton to Elsevier
Letter from Paton to Mrs Andresen
Letter from Paton to Mrs Joyce Galleid
Letter from JJS Strijdom to Paton
Letter from Paton to JJS Strijdom
Where language mirrors

Linguistic borrowing from South Africa's two European languages come into Southern Sotho either from only one of two possible sources per idea acquired, or from both sources at the same time, giving Sotho two synonymous expressions where none existed before.

A Noble Piece of Afrikaans Writing
The Story of an Afrikaner
Alternative afrikaans music
Reality and fiction in South African literature
Writing on the wall for Afrikaans press?
Statement of demand

A statement of demands by students attending the Thomas Mofolo Secondary School that includes a rejection of Afrikaans as a medium of instruction and the re-instatement of expelled students.

Opleiding in samewerking (article written in Afrikaans)
The grave of the mind
Christian national education


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