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The Long View: His crime is loyalty, Contact vol 7, no.7
Interview with Cassius Lubisi, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Interview with Archibald Jacob Gumede, conducted by Ruth Lundie
Report of the Commission of Enquiry in to the Riots in Durban

The terms of reference of Your Excellency's Commission were : ""
To enquire into and report upon the events which led to and the causes
of the recent riots in which Natives and Indians in Durban and vicinity were


Editorial on Weapons of transformation and In memoriam.

Birth pangs of an ideology

An analysis of ideology development in South Africa.

African National Congress Conference Rally Kings Park 7 July 1991

A rally held by the ANC following one of the greatest political conferences held in South Africa. It was attended by representatives from 50 countries. The ANC announced its Executive mebers at this rally.

ANC National Conference Durban - 2 July 1991
ANC leaders speak: release rally

A rally held by the African National Congress in October 1989 where various leaders such as Walter Sisulu, Cyril Ramaphosa and Murphy Morobe addressed the public as well as entertainment by various artists.

The Mandela Document

ANC booklet containing the full text of a document presented by Nelson Mandela to P W Botha in July 1989, stating his views on the armed struggle, relations with the South African Communist Party and majority rule.

The search for political direction
Looking for the Women's League? Leave a message...
Sisulu e Kathrada: comrades in arms
Read, young lion, read
What kind of ANC does the SACP want?
Democracy for beginners: a guide to consultative conferences
ANC women: their strength in the struggle
Sparg sets out ANC policy on violence
Crossing the Rubicon - together


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