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To Nelson Mandela: Statement of the South African Church leaders on the occasion of his 70th birthday
To National Church organisations
Time for a new agenda
TIC coments on the ANC's constitutional guidelines
Third worldism: the albatross of socialism
Theses on the current situation

Article about the current South African political situation. Covers government strategies, the character and implications of the ANC's strategic gains, the place and role of released ANC leaders, and the issue of dual power.

The Voice of the All-African Convention

Newsletter of the All African Convention, Issue 17. Covers the African National Congress and the boycott of the elections.

The Trial takes shape (III)
The Talks that descend into hell
The Strike that failed
The strategic debate in the ANC

Paper by Z Pallo Jordan regarding African National Congress strategy. Regarding talks and negotiations.

The Split in the ANC, 1958
The special conference of the ANC
The special Conference of the ANC
The South African Council of Churches
The socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system

ANC paper on the socio-political and economic crisis in the apartheid system, prepared for the regional and national preparatory committees. Covers the enemy's strategy for survival, the total strategy and its application, and how to out-manoeuvre the enemy.

The skeletons in the ANC election closet
The search for political direction
The role of Parliament and Parliamentary Opposition

ANC paper that outlines the organisation's view of the apartheid era Tricameral Parliament.

The Role of Liberal Forces


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