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Central Africa (IV): Northern Rhodesia and Federation
Chief Minister speaks to the Press
Chris Hani: murder most horrible
Ciskei: a cauldron of continuing conflict
Civics and the ANC
Colonialism of a special type and the permanent revolution
Comment: Bleak winter if Freedom Alliance fails to come in from the cold
Comments on constitutional proposals

Annotated notes by Jack Simons commenting on the proposals for the Constitution, prepared for the African National Congress Headquarters.

Conference Programme: Five Freedoms Forum and African National Congress - The role of Whites in a changing society, June 29 - July 2, 1980,

Conference Programme of the Five Freedoms Forum and African National Congress: The role of whites in a changing society, June 29-July 2.

Confidential briefing for the information and publicity sections of the ZAPU-ANC alliance

Briefing regarding fighting by the Zimbabwe African Peoples Union and the African National Congress against the Rhodesian army.

Congress and the Africanists
Congress and the Africanists: (1) the Africanist case
Congress of the people
Congress replies
Congress resolutions
Constituent Assembly and Interim Government

Paper prepared by the African National Congress Department of Political Education, on defining a constitution, what kind of constitution the ANC would like to see in South Africa, how it could be achieved and defining and discussing an interim government.

Constitutional guideline for a democratic South Africa

Draft of Constitutional guideline for a democratic South Africa from the African National Congress Constitutional Committee.

Consultation in preparation for the meeting with law professors from white South Africa

Notes regarding a meeting to discuss and work out an agenda for an African National Congress meeting with South African Law professors.

Consultative Meeting, 29 October 1979 to 30 October 1979, London

Record of a secret meeting between the African National Congress and Inkatha in London, 29th to 30th October, 1979.



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